HiPlay SUYATA Plastic Model Kits: God of East: Artemis,FAFNER, Mecha Musume, Anime Style 30cm Scale Collectible Action Figures HP-003

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Brand: HiPlay

Color: Artemis


  • Collectible Figure: Premium plastic model kits. Recommended for ages 15 & up, not a children's toy.
  • Assembly Required: Colored components; we recommend using tools like scissors, pliers for best results.
  • Collect and assemble from a range of anime figures - be it mythical, modern, or Cyber-punk.
  • Product Specs: Height - H300mm, Weight - 1.5 kg. Crafted from durable ABS and PVC materials.
  • Anime Action Figures A.T.K. Girl Azure Dragon Assembly Model Kits Collectible Cyber-punk Mythical Modern Bandai Gundam ABS PVC Miniature H160mm DIY Articulated

PartNumber: HP-003

Model: HP-003

Languages: English

Item Condition: New

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